Frequently Asked Question

GLOW- PENJANA Programme is a special programme to help individuals affected by the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic and the implementation of Controlled Movement Order (CMO) which results in loss of employment and income.  GLOW – PENJANA Programme intends to introduce the potential opportunity as high-income digital workers / Freelancers. The programme is designed to be specifically targeted and focused to ensure its implementation achieve a high success rate.
  • 1. What are the objectives of implementing the GLOW-PENJANA Programme and when is the programme implementation date?
    • The purpose of the programme is to help displaced employees and individuals from affected sectors and identified to benefit from the GLOW-PENJANA Programme.
    • The effective date and implementation of the GLOW-PENJANA Programme shall start in August 2020, subject to change or amendment by the Malaysian Government.
    • GLOW-PENJANA Programme empowers participants to become successful and competitive freelancers who will deliver high-quality assignments to their global clients as their primary / main income.
  • 2. What are the eligibility requirements to participate in the GLOW – PENJANA Programme?
    • Individuals who are interested in participating the programme must have basic knowledge of Office software suites such as word processing programs, spreadsheets, email platforms, web browser, other communication tools, and productivity applications to carry out work assignments.
    • Has good English communication skill (speaking and writing). Participants fluent in other languages are encouraged to participate.
    • Must have at least a Diploma qualification or professional certification of specific skill that can be offered to clients (Portfolio to be included as a proof)
    • Must be willing to commit and have an open mindset with a positive attitude towards something new
    • Prepared to work in the new form of employment via online and outside of the usual working hours
    • Individuals working in economic sectors that are severely impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak, and has been identified as a potential participant who can benefit from this programme as listed below:
    • Employees from the Tourism, Travel and Hospitality sector
    • Employees from the Education, Media and Creative sector
    • Unemployed or underemployed fresh graduates (graduated no more than 12 months) with Computer Science, Information Technology, Business Management, Finance, Linguistic and Hospitality education background
  • 3. How do I register for the GLOW-PENJANA Programme?
    • Individuals who are interested to participate in GLOW-PENJANA Programme and meet the minimum eligibility requirements need to register online. Before the registration, you are encouraged to attend the programme brief introduction through a scheduled webinar session which date shall be published in GLOW website
    • GLOW-PENJANA secretariat shall screen all registration and only individuals that meet the minimum eligibility requirement shall be accepted into the programme
    • The program secretariat will contact the successful candidate via email/telephone to set the appropriate online training date
  • 4. What is the age limit to participate in the GLOW-PENJANA Programme?
    • Participants must be at least 21 years of age and less than 60 years of age to participate in the GLOW - PENJANA Program
  • 5. Will any fees be charged for participating in the GLOW-PENJANA Programme?
    • No fee will be charged to participants for the programme.
  • 6. How long is the training duration for GLOW-PENJANA programme and how long do I need to be trained before I can generate income?
    • GLOW-PENJANAparticipants will go through intensive training and guidance for 3 months. This training and mentoring session will be held online, and participants will be split into smaller groups according to their profile and shall be guided by experienced freelancers
    • GLOW Participants will be asked to give full commitment to prepare and adapt themselves to become a full-time freelancer that involve flexible working hours (to communicate and work with potential oversea clients)
    • GLOW-PENJANA Programme target is to help participants to start winning project bids and generate online income during the intensive training and mentoring period
    • Details of the three-month intensive training session and mentorship will be communicated by MDEC to selected participants
  • 7. What is the estimated monthly income?
    • Income generated depends on various factors and categories of services provided. The table below refers to the type of assignments/service category and the potential monthly income
    Assignment / Service Category Estimated Earnings (monthly)
    • Virtual Assistant
    • Online Researcher
    • Admin, Customer Service
    RM 1,500 - 5,000
    • Computer Programmer
    • Proposal Writer
    • Content, Blog Writer
    • Business Analyst
    • Sales and Marketing
    • Project Management
    RM 3,500 - 9,000
    • Translator, Copywriter, Transcriber
    • Creative Designers - Logo Design, Infographics Design, Vector Graphics
    • Stock photo photographers, Video Creation
    RM 2,000 - 6,000
  • 8. Why do I need to sign up for the GLOW – PENJANA Programme?
    • Opportunities to generate stable and consistent income through a global digital platform, where sources of jobs and assignments come from global markets.
    • Flexibility to work from anywhere, not restricted to office hours and utilizing digital technology productively
    • Opportunities to work with international clients/employers and earn a higher income
  • 9. What is the process for a company or an employer who is interested hire services provided by freelancers from the GLOW – PENJANA programme?
    • Companies or employers who are interested in hiring the services provided by freelancer GLOW – PENJANA program can contact the secretariat for further discussion.
  • 10. For more questions about the GLOW Program - Funding, you can visit our portal at