Frequently Asked Question

Eligibility and Participating in eRezeki

  • Can I enroll in eRezeki if my income exceeds RM4,000 a month?
    If you insist to participate in eRezeki, please contact and consult our Pusat eRezeki on how you may participate and become a digital worker.
  • How do I participate in eRezeki?
    We highly advise you to visit nearby Pusat eRezeki as they will be able to assist you with the registration process. If a Pusat eRezeki is not available near you, please contact our Wakil eRezeki instead.
  • Are there any fees imposed to join eRezeki?
    It is free of charge to join eRezeki.
  • How long does the registration process normally take?
    The basic registration for eRezeki takes approximately 5 minutes. Once the basic registration is completed, you will be guided with additional questions, for us to assist in matching you to suitable tasks and work. The duration of this process will depend on how quickly you are able to respond and provide the requested information.
  • Is there any age limit to join eRezeki?
    eRezeki is open to individuals who are 18 years old and above
  • Is eRezeki open to Malaysian citizens only?
    Yes, it is ONLY open to Malaysian citizens that hold a MyKad.
  • Can Malaysians residing abroad participate in eRezeki?
    We are sorry but Malaysians residing abroad are not encouraged to participate in eRezeki
  • Is eRezeki open to foreigners working in Malaysia?
    No. A valid MyKad number is required during registration.