Now everyone can benefit from the digital economy

Earn Income from Working Online

Today, digital technology has changed the way we work and live. However, not everyone has the opportunity or the know-how to make the most of it, especially communities with limited exposure to IT.

That’s why, we at MDEC now aim to empower Malaysians through the power of digital technology.

Become part of the online workforce by participating in the eRezeki initiative. As a digital worker, you can perform tasks and get paid for good work. Tasks range from simple micro digital tasks that takes few minutes to be completed, to tasks requiring specific skills or experience, and taking longer time to be completed.

Register with eRezeki now to get trained and qualified, and matched to suitable work. Registration is free and we highly recommend you to register via our partners.

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Select a task offered by a crowd of companies and perform the task whenever it’s convenient to get paid for good work!



Unleash your potential to become a qualified digital worker. We’re here to help you thrive!


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