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eRezeki and eUsahawan program launched by the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Y.A.B Dato ‘Sri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak is a government initiative to give people an opportunity to get involved in the digital economy.

Today, digital technology has changed the way we work and live. However, not everyone has the opportunity or the know-how to make the most of it, especially communities with limited exposure to IT.

We at MDEC strives to empower all Malaysians to fully benefit from the power of digital technology.

We welcome you to be a part of the online workforce, by participating in the eRezeki initiative. As a digital worker, you earn from online tasks or work chosen by you. These tasks range from easy micro digital tasks that can be completed in minutes, with minimal knowledge in IT; to tasks requiring specific skills and/or experience that may take longer to complete. We will be with you to guide you.

Register with eRezeki now. Once you are trained and qualified, there will be suitable tasks matched to your competency.

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